BBC One, Inside Out London, September 2015:
“Inside Islington Community”

Dr Melissa Fernández Arrigoitia – London LSE, September 2015:
Islington Park Street Community: a model for alternative housing in London
(Press release for report can be found here)


Joe Cooper – Islington Tribune, October 2nd 2015:
“Lord Smith backs commune tenants, warning that eviction threat is ‘not the way forward'”

Kieron Monks – CNN, October 2nd 2015:
“Can a commune revival fix London housing crisis?”

BBC one, September 21st 2015:
Inside Out London

Mark Lawrence –, September 21st 2015:
“Eviction threatened Islington Community ‘useful model’ for housing vulnerable”

The Breakfast Show with Penny Smith & Paul Ross, BBC London, September 21st 2015:
Radio interview with our Graham (scroll forward to ca 2:38)

Martin Hilditch – Inside Housing, September 18th 2015:
“Antisocial network”

Koos Couvée – Islington Tribune, September 4th 2015:
“We will not be moved!”

James Morris – Islington Gazette, September 2nd 2015:
“Islington ‘family’ roars: ‘Housing is our right, we’ll never stop our fight'”

Artist Taxi Driver – Save Islington Park Street, July 2015:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Koos Couvée – Islington Tribune, July 16th 2015:
“One Housing Group embroiled in Twitter row with tenants facing eviction”

Rory Brigstock-Barron – Islington Gazette, July 3rd 2015:
“Islington Park Street residents protest outside One Housing office”

Koos Couvée – Islington Tribune, July 3rd 2015:
“Commune tenants win backing in dispute with landlord that’s become ‘battle for soul of Islington'”

Rory Brigstock-Barron – Islington Gazette, June 29th 2015:
“Council battle landlord in ‘fight for soul of Islington'”

BBC Radio 4 interview, June 16th 2015:
Islington Park Street residents, Paul Fawcett from One Housing Group

BBC Radio for London interview, June 9th 2015:
Chris and Jean from Crescent Road Community
Paul Fawcett from One Housing Group

Laura Whateley – The Guardian, June 13th 2015:
Grin and share it: the rise of the midlife housemate

Koos Couvée – Islington Tribune, June 12th 2015:
Social cleansing’ claim as communal tenants face eviction from properties worth estimated £10m

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett – The Guardian, June 8th 2015:
“Are we too selfish to live like hippies?”

Caroline Russell – Green Party Cllr Highbury East ward, Islington, June 5th 2015 :
“The homes we live in – Learning from 39 years of shared experience.”

Jamie Doward – The Observer, June 6th 2015:
“They want to kill off our way of life, say London commune members who face eviction.”

Our press releases:


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