Allocations Policy

Our community aims to create a secure living environment for London residents on low incomes, who are committed to the ethos and practice of mixed needs supportive communal living. These aims are reflected in our allocations policy, which remains true to Patchwork’s original vision.

In order to be considered for a vacancy in our community, applicants must:

  • Earn less than £23,000 per annum;
  • Not own property; and
  • Have a commitment to communal living.

The following factors are also taken into account when prioritising applications:

  • The individual’s housing need;
  • The individual’s support needs;
  • The current location of the individual, with priority going to applicants living/working or studying in Islington;
  • Previous experience of communal living and/or other relevant experience; and
  • The vocation of the individual (support workers are particularly welcomed).

The questions in our application form reflect the importance of these factors.

Equal opportunities and diversity

We welcome and value diversity in all its forms and are opposed to any discrimination based on age, race, disability*, religion and belief, sexual orientation, gender, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity**, gender reassignment and socio-economic status.

We are committed to promoting equal opportunities and diversity in our recruitment process; we employ a number of measures to assist us in achieving these goals:

  • We advertise all vacancies widely in the London area;
  • We will not consider residency applications from non-dependent family members or friends of existing residents;
  • We ensure that all applicants are asked the same set of questions.

* At present our accommodation is suitable for those with mild physical/mental/learning disabilities. We listen to disabled residents and facilitate minor adaptations under their guidance and with the assistance of Islington Council’s Occupational Therapy Team.

** We have been advised that the property is not currently a suitable environment for babies or toddlers.

Our allocations process

Over the course of its existence the community has developed and refined a selection process that allows us to identify the best possible new residents for the house. This process consists of three separate stages:

Stage 1 – Applicants are asked to complete a form (link) answering set questions, including why they would like to live communally, what they feel they could bring to the house, their background information and their accommodation history.

Stage 2 – Applicants considered suitable are invited to the house for an informal meeting with residents. This takes place over a dinner, and allows for a series of set questions to be asked, along with more informal conversation.

Stage 3 – Finally, short-listed applicants are invited to stay at Islington Park Street for a trial week.

At each stage of this process residents meet to discuss and vote on the applicants. If the prospective resident is approved at stage 3, they are offered a permanent home in the community. If the applicant accepts the place, they move into the community (subject to references).

The success of this system is evidenced by the continued existence of Islington Park Street Community as a communal household for nearly forty years.


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